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Five of Water

Five of Water

Today’s card is the Five of Water (Cups), also known as Rejection. In the Shapeshifter Tarot, as in other traditional decks, the Element of Water represents the emotions and matters of the heart, love in all its forms, friendship and compassion, gentle healing, and all matters concerning blood, the circulatory system, and menstrual flow. Water also represents bodies of water, all underwater creatures and amphibious creatures, ships and travel by sea, beaches, seashells, and seaweed. It comes sometimes in waves and storms, crashing into us with force and overwhelming us if we let it. It is also where the Moon resides, whose power affects the tidal flow of the Earth itself.

The keywords for this card are Disappointment, Depression, and Vulnerability. On this car we can see our shapeshifters in the rocks on the left; the waves crash into them as they look on with sad and beleaguered expressions. Nearby stands a woman in a black cloak, the ocean storming around her. Her face, too, reveals a forlorn visage peaking from under her hood while her cloak is pulled by the tearing winds of an oncoming storm. A God of the Sea, the octopus is symbolic of transformation and the unfolding of creation. With its eight legs representing the eight-spoked wheel of the Goddess, the octopus blocks this woman from reaching the safety of the shore.

This card is one of definite negativity. It indicates a loss of pleasure, complex or simple, that results in bitter and long-lasting disappointment. This card tells us that some aspect of our lives is about to be thrown completely off balance. Rejection, either personally or professionally, is a hard pill to swallow. It may even involve close family members or friends. If you allow yourself to become embroiled with the twisted state of affairs that presents itself at this time. Only emotional depression, hurt feelings, and anger will come if you get drug into the drama too deeply. Rejection can also mean spiritual disconnection from Source. If you inner voice has gone quiet, make the conscious decision to let go of past hurts and old disappointments to break t his block and move forward.

May you embrace the words of the Serenity prayer today and have the ‘wisdom to know the difference’.