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Five of Wands

Five of Wands

Today’s card is the Five of Wands, also known as the Lord of Strife. Wands represent the Element of Fire which rules over creation, passion, strength, courage, and resilience, purging and banishing of negative habits or thoughts, transformation, and transcendence, and death and rebirth. Much as in the legend of the Phoenix, Pagans generally believe in Reincarnation, the shedding of the current/former corporeal body by the Soul at the linear end of the lifespan only to be reborn into a new corporeal body to continue the journey of Ascendence. This notion is supported by the scientific fact that energy cannot be destroyed, only converted into different forms. In this way, we also grow as individuals, shedding our old selves daily to grow into a new and better version of ourselves in the process. Just like a butterfly, we are all transforming.

As it sounds, the Lord of Strife is not a good omen when it falls in a spread. Whether dignified (right-side up) or ill-dignified (upside down), the meanings of this card goes from bad to worse. From a magickal standpoint, this card represents the inability to live in the present, to BE PRESENT, when experiencing the many moments that occur in our lives on a daily basis. Whereas the Five of Disks represents worry of a material nature, money, job, housing, etc…which can be addressed with logic and hard work, the Five of Wands represents the less tangible mental worries with which we saddle ourselves. Two types of worry plague the mind, that which re-lives events gone by, wondering how they could have been different, or that which prospects the future, wondering what will come to pass if X happens. These two types of mental strife, or stress, take up much of our time and rob us of the Presence that occurs by living in the moment, learning from it as it happens and sharing it with those around us. Turning this tide will not only create happier memories but also feed brighter and more productive results from our future decisions and actions.

If you find yourself reliving events from the recent past, take the time to meditate and clear those thoughts from your mind. They have been making you overly competitive, short tempered, and quarrelsome. If stress has been causing you to feel weighed down, or downright ill, try to make decisions that feel right in the moment and stop second guessing what the end result will be. You will only know the answer if you give it a try. As yoga would say, ‘There is DO and Not DO. There is no TRY!’

On the flip side, this card can denote actual accidents or fighting. Some people who need an outlet find one in attacking others or in making rash decisions that result in the accidental injury to themselves or someone around them. If you work with heavy equipment, are a professional driver, or are in a risky profession of any description, be on the lookout today and don’t allow snap decisions to result in unintended consequences. BE PRESENT in the moments that could go badly, and you can minimize or avoid this conclusion altogether.

Today, may you ‘Be there or Be square’! All we have is NOW so let’s make the most of it!