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Five of Wands

Five of Wands

Today’s card is the Five of Wands, also known as ‘Rods’ or ‘Staves’. This card symbolizes struggles caused by ambitious maneuvering and a competitive urge. While initially this card appears to picture a team at work, you can see that their rods are not all going in the same direction. In fact, you can see that the man in the red tunic appears to be bashing one of his counterparts over the head. This card implies that any problems that arise at this time could be about someone who is pushing his or her agenda forward at the expense of others.

There is a fine line sometimes between demonstrating personal excellence and making others feel like losers. Take a moment to stop and ask yourself,

“Who is it that really benefits when we all fight so hard for such small rewards? Am I serving a negative, manipulative agenda when I start applying battle metaphors to business?”

Even when your only motive is to be the best you can be, you can also be so concerned with external perceptions that you are failing to realize how it is impacting those who are currently helping to support your mission and dreams. It is understandable to want recognition for what is fine and unique about you. However, minimize the number of egos bruised in the process or your success will be celebrated alone.

This card tells us that we should work to let go of our ego, identify our passion, and build our mission around those as our primary motivating factor. The Five of Wands encourages us to embrace our natural ambition. What you would fight for? What you are passionate about even when you’re tired or discouraged? Strive to make that the centerpiece of your mission. This will allow you to establish your path of service and ‘love what you live’. This card can also indicate a person(s) who is not quite as supportive of your mission as they claim to be. If you are certain that you have done due dilligence and have a sneaking suspicion that someone is working to sabotage your goal, you are probably right. In this case, don’t hesitate to oust them from your sphere of personal power.

May you look around today and appreciate the loyal team who has been there with you all along!