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Five of Air

Five of Air

Todays card is the Five of Air (Wands), also known as Struggle. In a more traditional tarot deck, the suit of Wands is used to represent the Element of Fire. However, in the Shapeshifter deck, its creators have chosen to use this suit to represent the Element of Air. Air controls matters of the mind, the intellect, learning and analytical thinking, mental health and the psyche. It also rules over dreams, third sight, psychic abilities and astral travel.

The keywords for this card are Restraint, Limitation, Worry, Stress, and Self-Sabotage. On this stormy, wet night of ice and snow, the moon is a waning crescent in the sky. There are card silhouettes of mountains in the background, symbolizing obstacles. A large lone gray wolf, a master of cunning and disguise is pawing at the snow, indicating frozen actions and energy. A large black raven, a symbol of the threefold Goddess, flies overhead. A strange comet races through the night sky, its light illuminating both the menacing stalactites hanging from above and the thick blackthorn that grows at the bottom and sides of this scene, signifying barriers.

This cars is one of contrary powers at work. Struggle indicates a time of strife, separation, and competition, as well as anxiety, worry, and frustration toward the issue at hand. Struggling against the flow of your life and battling the world only serves to limit your Light and cut you off from your true potential. You may be feeling boxed in or restrained, stressed, or oppressed. Apply that energy wisely and unleash your creative nature. If you bottle up your creativity and power, you are lending it to the toxic qualities of your life. Releasing anxiety and stress, moving steadily forward on those things that are going well in your life needs to be your primary focus. To grow as a person, we need to go beyond our old frustration and let go of useless self-destructive or self-sabotaging patterns.

Today, may you take the first step toward facing yourself with love, honoring the release that must occur in order to grow.