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Five of Disks, Five of Swords

Five of Disks, Five of Swords

Today’s card is gonna be a two-for! The one for yesterday was number five of Disks, the Lord of Worry. This fit better than you know, as I will relate in a moment. Due to extenuating circumstances, I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday so I came in today and grabbed another card, the five of Swords, the Lord of Defeat. this is not what I wanted to see but is not surprising on the heels of the Lord of Worry to I am interpreting them as one reading.

The first card, the Lord of Worry, speaks of an ill omen. This is due to the fact that usually this card represents a period of trial by fire where the should will be honed and refined in the crucible of material loss or poverty. This card deals more specifically with alchemy and the correct astrological times to forge metal and work talismans. A weapon or talisman that has been created under the proper alchemical times will have an increased level of purity and virtue, encapsulating the intent of the bearer with added benefit. This process would be too lengthy to explain here so I will deal with the keynote of the card, Ill Omen or Material Trouble.

In my case, this card corresponds with the loss of our venue here at the Southern Ohio Holistic and Wellness Center due to a zoning issue that has become critical and immediate. We have been given until the end of this week to vacate our current office space. This card is definitely signaling an ill omen in the form of material trouble for all those working in and connected with the Center and Baba Yaga’s Hut! As it stands, I have rented a flea market booth to lessen the financial hardship for the retail side of the business as I go forward and hopefully will be able to recapture a more permanent location in the future. This is why I was unable to post yesterday; I was making sure of my details before I had to post this info for you to learn about.

The meaning of the second card, the Lord of Defeat, is actually a blessing then, as you will understand shortly. The lesson of this card is that, while you may be experiencing Defeat in some area of your life, financial in this case, take a moment to stop and look around at the parts of your life that are blessed. Luckily, each defeat is typically a ‘singled out’ moment in time, where one is dealing with a really big obstacle but has other aspects of life that are doing well. While this card also signals some sort of loss, it definitely takes on a new meaning when combined with the Lord of Defeat!

This card speaks to me about the community I have been blessed enough to begin through Baba Yaga’s Hut! In the short term of our existence in this beautiful space, I have had the good fortune to meet some amazing people, both those who work here and those who have joined me on this community-building journey. The FREE events, and the social media presence that I have developed, have been the other part of my ‘mission’ and they are truly amazing! We have grown from creation to fulfillment in such a short period and it is exciting and inspiring; the need for a community that is open and inclusive, and that offers an alternative type of spiritual space has been blessed by the Divine and it is one I will continue to work on as we go forward.

Therefore, I am working on a location to continue to have our FREE Sun Holidays and Full Moon ceremonies and gatherings. I have reached out to another organization in Dayton to see is they would mind sharing their space with us; I am hopeful that we will be continuing to offer these community building events as we go into 2018. Meanwhile, I will still be hosting the upcoming Yule event at the current venue this Wednesday from 5-7pm. Please feel free to join us as we bid goodbye to the space but not the journey. That will continue! I will be posting invitations to the January Full Moon event as soon as I am certain of a location.

Meanwhile, I will continue to add my Tarot of the Day, Thoughts for Tomorrow, and God.Goddess or Teacher so stay tuned to the website and the FB page! May my misfortune at this time spare you of a similar fate and may you find your blessings many and your trials few.
Blessed Be!