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Eleven of Fire

Eleven of Fire

Today’s card is the Eleven of Fire (Swords), known as the Seeker of Fire, Angus mac Og. In a more traditional tarot deck, this card would be known as the Page of Wands. In the Shapeshifter tarot, however, the creators of this deck have used Swords to represent Fire and Wands to represent Air. Therefore, this card is Fire card, regardless of the symbol used to express it. Fire rules over matters of spirit and, as such, controls the creative and procreative processes, sexual passion and desire, forging and honing, purging and purification, and rebirth as the legend of the Phoenix implies. Seekers (Pages) are the lowest of the court cards and usually represent someone who offers insight and assists with personal challenges.

This Seeker’s name is Angus mac Og. Also known as Oengus of the Brugh and the Young Son, he was one of the Tuatha De Dannan. His brugh, or faery palace, was said to lie on the banks of the River Boyne in Ireland. With his golden harp, he created sweet, irresistible music and his kisses were said to transform themselves into birds that carried messages of love. As the Seeker of Fire, he has sought and mastered the creative and psychic talents; his job, then, is to pass that knowledge on to mankind when they are willing to learn it. The feathers merging with his hair signify birds, known as the traditional messengers between the Gods and humans.

The Celtic God looks on as a man joyfully shifts into a centaur; The centaur symbolizes the special knowledge learned from higher sources or deity. He dances as the joy of spirit wells up within and he understands, at last, the connection between the deities and channeling spiritual power, the practice of magick and the practice of creating. Beneath his hooves are great sunflowers. These represent both physical and spiritual renewal as well as the life-giving Sun. The colors of gold and red merge to signify the God and Goddess. The shapeshifter finally realizes the power of uniting the masculine and feminine energies within himself, which are so important to self-renewal and magickal creation.

This card tells us that messages of import are headed our way. This will reveal knowledge that is necessary for growth and advancement in both your physical life as well as your spiritual one. Look for this knowledge to come from unexpected or unusual sources. Using diplomacy instead of might in an upcoming situation will prove to be the battle winner!


May this Seeker bring you great insight and growth as you see things from a more creative perspective!