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Eleven of Air

Eleven of Air

Today’s card is the Eleven of Air (Wands), also known as the Seeker of Air, Cliodna. In a more traditional deck, this card would be known as the Page of Swords and is the lowest of the four court cards. The element of Air rules over the intellect, intelligence and analytical thinking, reasoning and judgement, psychic abilities, and the dream state. The Seeker card in the Shapeshifter deck is one who offers insight into and assistance with personal challenges.

This Seeker is the Goddess, Cliodna. Celtic legend says that she was the daughter of the Gebann, chief druid to the Lord of the Sea, Manannan Mac Llyr and is one of the most ancient Goddesses of the Tuatha De Danann. She and her lover, Ciaben, traveled to the south shores of Ireland, and when the arrived, he left her waiting in the curragh (boat) with Iuchna, one of Manannan’s musicians who had accompanied them on their journey. Iuchna played a tune that lulled Cliodna into a deep sleep and, while she slept, a huge wave rolled over the boat and she was drowned, her body swept away in the surf. To this day, the ninth wave is called Cliodna’s Wave.She is known as the Faery Queen of southwest Ireland, and she rules over a sacred hill in Cork known as Carrig Cliodna.

Here, the beautiful Cliodna is seen shapeshifting into a bird/woman. This sleek and swift bird-Goddess represents the polarities of light and dark; she is, in fact, a young version of the Dark Goddess and is said to be the most shapely woman to ever appear in human form. As a shapeshifter, she is seen with fair hair and pale white skin’ as a human she has dark hair and eyes and wears a hooded cape of multi-colored feathers: russet, gold, green, white, and blue. Sacred to faeries, she is seen with a hawthorn branch at her side and a pool of cosmic light (manifest energy) at her feet.

This card symbolizes the eternal messenger. Pay close attention to a young person in your life that has a message for you. This card can also represent pioneering adventures and you may find that you are doing new things without fear or hesitation. Wash yourself clean so that you can start anew and move past blocks, both internal and external, in your life. This is a time of new beginnings as, as such, it is essential that you listen to your inner truth and move in the direction it leads you. The Seeker of Air merges with the free and liberated spirit within. You may feel exposed as you have nothing to fear; don’t allow yourself to be tethered to a lifestyle, career, or relationship that doesn’t increase your happiness quotient.

May you find yourself emerging from the darkness to a new and brilliant future!