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Eight of Fire

Eight of Fire

Today’s card is the Eight of Fire (Swords), also known as Stasis. In the traditional tarot deck, The Suit of Swords represents the Element of Air but in the case of the Shapeshifter deck, these elements have been switched; the creators of this deck have used Wands for Air and Swords for Fire. Fire represents the Spirit as the fourth phase of our spiritual journey; it empowers creation, passion, and sexual desire, strength, courage, and power, purging and purity, forging and manipulation, the ‘AHA’ moment and the changing of one thing into another.

The keywords for this card are Limbo, Frigidness, Waiting, and Restriction. On this particular card, a black bear can be seen hibernating in the womb like comfort of his cave. The bear as pictured here is a symbol of the power of Mother Earth; he is not only a lunar animal but is the totem of healers because of its knowledge of herbs and roots. The bear cave represents the subconscious and serves as an entrance into the inner realms of self, the place of incubating power. The shapeshifter in this scene is the cave itself. Part human and part Earth, long icicles hang from the roof of the cave like an open jaw with teeth (or mustache) molded out of the snow and ice. The face itself is sleeping in imitation of the bear that sleeps within its maw. All around the shifter, nature is in Stasis; it stretches out like a frozen wasteland, immobilized by cold and snow, silently awaiting the arrival of spring when the land, and the sleeping bear, can come alive again. The polarities and patterns of nature are reflected here and a single barren oak with ice clinging to its branches reflects the same.

This is a card of limbo, frigidity, and uneasiness. Stasis may indicate that you are the lineage bearer of negative family patterns and lifestyles. Constantly waiting for some outside force to un-freeze our ability to make positive decisions and changes. If you are determined to remain frozen in your past outworn forms and lifestyles, you will definitely have given up your personal growth and will continue to feel that your creativity is stuck, restricted, censured, or interfered with. Due to mistrust of others or even YOURSELF, you are trapped in a place of indecision. It is best to take a moment to ‘hibernate’ on your next move; don’t make any decisions without considering all the options available to you. This is a good time to gather energy in reserve and watch as things unfold naturally. This will occur within 8 days, weeks, or months.

May patience be your most prevalent virtue as you see what the Universe unfolds for you!