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Eight of Disks

Eight of Disks

Tarot of the Day:

Today’s card is the Eight of Disks, also known as the Lord of Prudence. Disks represent the Element of Earth, which rules over our physical and material lives. It also rules over rowing things: gardening, farming, animal husbandry, also construction and other forms of physical labor, physical health and fitness, child rearing, and the weather. It also rules over the practical side of creating and maintaining a home, finance, budgeting, banking, and business ownership.

This card is here to tell us that prudence and circumspection are about to pay off! For some, the skill, talents, and knowledge you have put in are about to begin to bear fruit. Look for ways to use your trade in combination with your natural talents to increase your income. Also, take a look at your spending habits and see where you can begin to cut away the extravagances. Now is the time to hunker down for the long winter and guard your resources. if you are one who impulse buys, or buys things because they are a ‘great deal’, then never uses them, STOP! This will help you financially feed your goals wile leaving room for essentials plus a few small extras. WE all need to treat ourselves once in a while. Try creating experiences as you go through the holidays, and allow others to gift you! Be sure to offer gratitude for every gift, no matter how small or inexpensive. This person took the time to think of you and you should recognize that effort with love and thankfulness.

On the flip side, it you would normally be fairly cautious with your money but feel tempted to throw ‘all in’ on one big extravagant gesture or gift, DON’T DO IT! While this may seem great in the short term, you will end up regretting it down the road.

May sound financial decisions be in the forefront of your thoughts today!