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Eight of Cups

Eight of Cups

Today’s card is the Eight of Cups and is often used to signify a disappointment, emotional setback, betrayal or injury to the heart. Some Tarot decks illustrate this principle showing a young woman who has just been molested and then cast aside by a stranger passing through her village. His heartless act has left her vulnerable, with potentially drastic consequences. This is a difficult card, but a realistic one, insofar as it warns against misplaced trust and unguarded vulnerability.

This card urges us to look deep within to understand what motivates us to have an occasional tendency to be pessimistic or depressed. The Eight of Cups asks us to look inside and recognize the part of us that still nurses an old grudge from a past injury or trauma. For the most part, our forward-looking self has gotten up, moved along and is getting on with life. There may still a part of us, however, that holds out and resists the healing. Are we nursing old wounds from painful losses of faith, love, or trust? If so, now may be a good time to scrutinize your current motives. See if you are still being influenced by the part of yourself that cuts short your enthusiastic, optimistic impulses.

Denial is one of the trademarks here. Failing to recognize the truth only causes repression that flares up in another part of our psyche. Instead, seek to understand and accept the hesitation and the fear you may feel, and come to terms with them. Put some of the old emotions in their rightful place–out of the way. This card tells us to take a realistic look at our situation. It may be that we have been deluding ourselves with false internal narratives that need to be debunked. Getting ‘real’ helps us to select a course of action which will harmonize what we want with what is actually possible.

May the fog of delusion be lifted today, and the funk of depression be defeated by realism and faith in a brighter future!