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Eight of Air

Eight of Air

Today’s card is the Eight of Air (Wands), also known as Swiftness. In a more traditional tarot deck, the suit of Wands is used to represent the Element of Fire. However, in the Shapeshifter deck, its creators have chosen to use this suit to represent the Element of Air. Air controls matters of the mind, the intellect, learning and analytical thinking, mental health and the psyche. It also rules over dreams, third sight, psychic abilities and astral travel.

The keywords for this card are Rapid Movement, Messages, and Journeys. This scene is dominated by a large waterfall that plunges straight down the side of a rocky clifff. Primordial Goddess’ and God’s creative power, as seen in the stones that make up the mountainside. This power is rushing to a desired goal, channeled by the psychic and physical energies of the seeker (us). The top face in this image is that of a water/woman; she has shifted and is the stream, her long hair flowing out and down the cliffside and mingling with the pool at the bottom. The seeker, represented by the woman, has learned through self-discipline how to ride the energy currents of the Universe and trust in a higher power to aid us in the use of Magick, symbolized by her flowing hair.

In the rocks around the falls there are a multitude of faces, each expressing a different emotion at the movement around them. No two individuals experience magick the same way and this creates a variety of emotions and perspectives; Two falcons hover above the falling water, easily managing the updraft created by the waterfall. Symbols from ancient Egypt, these beautiful birds are Goddess symbols and represent astral and spiritual travel, and swift movement on this planes, allowing events to culminate through the efforts of magick. The bubbly stars in the water signify the spiritual beacons, the Light, that guides the seeker through the labyrinth of life.

Stagnation is swept swiftly away and new opportunities are coming quickly. Messages and actions requiring you to think on your feet are on the way. A sudden journey may be in your near future.

May you find your Spirit flowing and your mind engaged when opportunity strikes.