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Today’s card is Choice, number fifteen of the Major Arcana. In a more traditional tarot deck, this card would be known as the Devil. The Major Arcana are used as a teaching tool to introduce the initiate (seeker) to the principles of occult worship. Each represents a point along our evolutionary path as magickal beings and discussed the science, and the mysticism, that work in tune to guide our journey as spiritual seekers. As in any tarot deck, this journey begins with Initiation (The Fool), representing innocence and new beginnings. But while the Major Arcana have a finite number, the journey through them continually begins again as the spiral of our existence play out.

The keywords for this card are Resonance, Flexibility, and Decision Making. Pictured here, standing at the base of a great Henge of stone, are two shapeshifters. The first, a satyr/woman, is unusually clothed in red, representing sexuality and action, and embodies the traditional male, goat-like fertility spirits of the mountains and forests. The other, a minotaur/man, is dressed in green, symbolizing the dreaming mind. Together, they represent the Lord and Lady of the Gates of Matter. They are entering the door of the Great Mysteries at a time of great awakening and adventure.

Loosely connected at the ankle by a swirling spiral of divine light, these two are joined together in sacred union. They are fully aware of this connection as they follow the golden thread of the labyrinth, the connecting thread of awareness of all spiritual dimensions. The merged man in this scene holds a torch of creative vision and passion in one hand and the shapeshifter woman in his other. The stars shine in the night sky as well as the ground; these symbol and others can be found interwoven into Choice, representing the never-ending and ever-beginning cycle of life.

Choice indicates that it is time to follow your inner voice and not let things throw you off balance. A card of motion, flexibility, and adaptability, the choice is yours, each and every moment of your life. This may be a good time to face problems in your life that you have been blaming on other. Remember not to take yourself too seriously, though. Hidden hopes and fears will arise as you discard previous beliefs that have chained you to negative or outworn patterns. Decisions need to be made at this time but do so with a sense of humor. Learn balance by embracing wisdom using these four key aspects: wisdom, self-honesty, self-responsibility, and love. Break out your sexual energy and give it a trot. This may get the creative juices flowing! Sacred sexuality, not just mindless intercourse, will allow you to play and create expressively, and you may just find yourself breaking free of an old job or relationship that has had you chained down. Once you let go, you will discover a deep well of personal freedom within.

May this great time of awakening bring you closer to your inner truth as we make decisions with an attitude of flexibility.