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Today’s Healing with the Angels oracle cards is Children. This card indicates a need to embrace your inner child. Often we forget how to play as we learn to ‘adult’. This card encourages you to ask your inner child,

“How do you feel?” And “What would you like to do?”

Plan an activity that appeals to that inner childlike sense of fun and adventure. Schedule an outing, go play with your adult friends in form of canoeing, camping, tag sports, board games or any other activity that embraces you ability to play. Go to the playground, take an afternoon nap, draw with sidewalk chalk, start a fairy garden, or build a sand castle. By doing this, you free yourself from the constant stress of everyday life and give yourself a much needed boost of creativity.

This card can be a signal that you should spend more time focusing on any children or grandchildren you may have. If you feel called to work with small children, listen to that voice. It is being sent by the angels. Alternately, if you have been trying to have or adopt a child, this card signals that your prayers have been heard and that a beautiful little soul is about to come into your life, either naturally or through doors of opportunity opening for you.

Today, may you spend time playing with others or by yourself. Have some fun and relax!