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Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael

With an auspicious nature, our first card to explore from the Healing with the Angel’s Oracle deck is the Archangel Michael.  Archangel Michael is the only angel who is mentioned by name in all three of the major sacred texts of the world’s religions that place the most emphasis on angels: the Torah (Judaism), the Bible (Christianity), and the Qur’an (Islam). In all of those faiths, believers consider Michael a leading angel who fights evil with the power of good. He is also the only angel represented by name in this Oracle deck.

Michael is an exceptionally strong angel who protects and defends people who love God and do His/Her work. He is powerfully concerned about truth and justice. Believers say that Michael communicates boldly with people when he helps and guides them. Some of the signs that Archangel Michael has come to your aid are:

*Small flashed of light in your vision (either peripherally or directly)

*The glow of a Purple/Blue aura around a thing or person

*A feeling of warmth or comfort, as if someone has wrapped their arms around you

If you notice any of these signs, pay close attention to what or who you are encountering. It is definitely a sign that Michael is there to protect you or offer wisdom and insight to the situation.

This beautiful and powerful angel appears in your life to let you know that the Gods are with you and will support you during trying times as you navigate the best way to honor them and to walk your path. He is not limited by time or space, nor are any of the angels, so you can call on him wen you need protection and comfort, inspiration, strength, and courage. Allow his energy to release you from any fear that you may be experiencing and trust that the Gods have your back!

Today, may you know that anything is possible when you walk the path of Light!