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Ace of Swords

Ace of Swords

Today’s card is the Ace of Swords, also known as the Root of the Powers of Air. Swords represents the Element of Air which rules over the mind and intellect, logic, wisdom, knowledge, and Magick. Air rules over all forms of communication, including spell casting and divination in all its forms. It also rules over astrology as this system uses mathematics and alphabetical symbols to gain knowledge of the planets and how their movements affect us here on Earth. This Element also controls our intuition, insight, psychic ability, and third sight. It enables us to see what cannot be seen by normal means.

The lessons of this card speak to the importance of knowing your astrological chart in order to align ourselves with our innate abilities. While not many people are aware of the significance of this information, three basic personality types can be identified when looking at the birth chart of an individual; those that link with Alchemical Mercury, those that link with Alchemical Sulfur, and those that link with Alchemical Salt.

A person with an inner vibration that aligns with Mercury will be philosophically inclined as Mercury is a symbol of Light, thus enlightenment. This personality type is highly trustworthy, a believer in truth and justice, and has a giving, even philanthropic, nature.

A person with an inner vibration that aligns with Sulfur is inclined to be passionate and have a desire to take action. This person will also be creative and well informed in either the arts or sciences, sensual and a lover of luxury, and willing to act on their beliefs. They also tend to be highly romantic.

A Salt aligned person will be thrifty, monetarily oriented, and cautious. This person also tends to be more concerned with ‘ends’ than ‘means’, will be ultra conservative and single-minded, and be tenacious and methodical, plodding along until they reach their desired goal.

When examining the Ninth House of one’s natal chart, they can discern which planets are in that house at the time of a person’s birth and which planets are in aspect with that house. This is something that needs to be done by an advanced astrological reader; most with only a touch of experience will not be able to identify the Alchemical Element of that house. But the Ninth House is associated with Karma and the lessons that will be presented to you in this lifetime. If you are able to work within your personality type, your Alchemical Element, in dealing with these challenges, you will be ahead of the learning curve.

Having shared all of this, I do not recommend that you run out and spend a fortune having your natal chart done. However, if you know someone who has some experience in astrology, ask them to check it out for you. It’s just as likely that you already recognize yourself in one of these three descriptions. If so, dealing with problems by harnessing you innate strengths of personality will suit you well. If you are able to discern which planet was ruling your Ninth House during your birth, you can develop a mantra that uses the energies of this planet to do personal empowerment work. All verbal acts, from mantras to manifesting the spoken word, fall under the Element of Air.

This card usually signals strength required during difficult circumstances. Some aspect of your life is about to go awry, and your strength will be tested, wither by a worthy opponent or by an illness or situation that is out of your control. While most will have the inner strength to deal with a major problem, some will be forced to find strength in dealing with a loss or defeat. Either way this card signals that you have the strength to face whatever problems come your way. Just remember to ‘lean in’ to your personality traits. This will help you get through in one piece, believe it or not.

May you be stronger than you think during this trying time!