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Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups

Today’s card is the Ace of Cups, also known as the the Root of the Powers of Water. Cups represents the Element of Water which rules over the heart and matters of love, friendship, compassion, and healing, charm, beauty, entertainment, and the arts, including the Occult. Thus, while Fire is the Creative Force, Water is the emotion that inspires us to Create. All art forms use symbolism, whether through paint, music, poetry, acting, or dance, which in turn connects with the subconscious mind, where magick occurs.

Aces hold a special place in each suit of the minor Arcana as they represent the creative forces of that suit and its corresponding Element. As seen in the picture of this card, the main properties in play here are Conception and Production. In the case of Cups, or Water (Emotion), this power of conception rules over both physical conception of a child or offspring and also the conception of ideas that transfer into the production of new processes and opportunities. This card also rules over clairvoyant activity and can be used as a tool to discover whether you possess these innate abilities or not. This process is too lengthy to describe here but the presence of the card is a signal to anyone who suspects that they might have some talent in this area to continue to pursue it.

For some, this card will indicate the successful conception of ideas or babies! If you are working on getting pregnant, today would be a good day to give it a go! This is also a good day to begin projects that involve art, dressmaking, perfumery, cosmetics, and sex. If you you are in one of these fields, spend today thinking about what new personality, projects or product lines you can use to give yourself a boost. Anything of this nature started today will end itself successfully.

On the flip side, If you are not planning a family right now, read a book or something tonight. This energy will fade but is powerful and could end in unwanted pregnancy. Also, if you have been working on repairing a love interest or relationship, this may be the time for you to look at the reality of its success. Sometimes, when the heat wears off, we discover that our long-term future with this person is not as rosey as it seemed in the beginning. It can also indicate that any more time and money on a project that has stalled would be a case of ‘throwing good money after bad’. Take a realistic look at your yield or sustainability and make the decisions that are necessary.

May you have a productive day at work as well as at home today!