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Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups

Today’s card is the Ace of Cups, also referred to as Chalices or sometimes Bowls. It represents the emotional and psychic aspects of life — fantasy, imagination, feelings, love. The Ace generally shows a hand holding up an overflowing cup, which gives forth an endless stream of water, wine, blood or soma for the people’s refreshment and healing. This card represents an unfailing source of balm for body, heart and soul. It suggests that you can relax into a safety net of love, support and communion.

Remember that each person and event may possess a precious gem hidden inside. Make a conscious effort to find it. The Ace of Cups advises you to challenge yourself and discover what is good about every relationship. Practice looking at the world through the eyes of the Divine. Allow your imagination to perceive the spiritual or evolutionary potential in every person and experience.

Look with the eye of a loving parent or companion upon the people and things you come into contact with. Make a conscious decision to approve of and delight in even the quirky developments that make the world turn. No one can be perfect at such unconditional acceptance. Still, the practice will sweeten your day to day life. Your magnetism will increase and more loving people may enter your life. The whole world will benefit as this becomes second nature to you.

This is an absolutely positive card and suggests that you look around you and rediscover all the love and blessings that are in your life. Today, may you see with new eyes what has been there all along and be thankful for it!