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Today’s Healing with the Angels Oracle card is Abundance. This angel flies into our lives to tell us that abundance is coming our way. You are now aware that the source of all abundance is the Gods, Goddesses, Divine Spirit, or whomever you pray to. This faith that the Creator will supply all our needs triggers the abundance that is waiting for us to claim it and make use of it to increase our understanding, our power, and our ascension. The more aligned we become to our divine purpose, the more we will be given to work with, thus allowing for exponential growth in accordance to our ability to believe that this will be so.

You can expect support to begin to flow to you right now. Ask the angels, spirit guides, and Gods to help you release any fear of lack or scarcity you might have and tell them how abundance will allow you to live your mission more closely. As a new business owner, this faith is something that I struggle with on occasion. A wonderful witch in Canada suggested that I ask Spirit for abundance in this way:

“Elements of Nature,

Gods and Goddesses,

And all beings of Light.

Please allow me to make more so that I can serve more.

With harm to none, and for the highest good of all,

So Mote It Be!”

Try this approach (or one similar) when exercising your faith in abundance and you will find that magick (miracles) happen in ways both slow and steady as well as immediate and with a sense of awe-struck confirmation.

Today, may you know that you are abundantly supported by the angels, guides, elements, and the Divine!