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Classes and Workshop

Class Description – So You Wanna Be a Witch?

A 12 hr. Course that teaches the basic tenets and practices of Eclectic Wicca in 21st century America. This course is broken into basic sessions that cover the following topics:

  • History and Tenets of Wicca
  • Deity and the Elements
  • The Wheel of the Year
  • Creating Safe/Sacred Space & Ritual Design
  • Moons, Magickal Working, and Divinatory Tools
  • RITUAL!!!

This course is 6 – 2hr. Sessions are offered on either Monday or Wednesday evenings in the Dayton, OH area. Courses may be audited one at a time up to the 5th course in the series; those who have attended the first 5 classes in the series will receive their 6th class free, a full ritual conducted using the knowledge and tools discussed during the training. A certificate of completion will be given to those participants who finish the entire course.

Entire course series – $150. Includes course materials

One session – $30ea. – No admittance to the 6th course if you have not attended the full series.

Contact Baba Yaga’s Hut to learn more or to book your classes. Sessions begin every 8 weeks.

Workshop Description – Creating Safe Space

A 1 1/2 hr. Workshop /meditation session discussing the need for safe space when working on self enlightenment and spiritual rejuvenation. Sometimes when we delve deep into ourselves to find the truth of who we really are (through meditation or trance work), we encounter things, memories or traumas that have had a profound effect on the way we make choices and decisions, choose our career path, present ourselves to the world, choose a mate, even parent our children. This course is designed to aid you in developing an internal ‘safe space’ that you can use in cases of fear and tension during a meditation, or just to relax and escape the stress of the real world for just a few minutes. Accessing this space, even for a few moments, can slow your heart rate, deepen your breathing, and hit the reset button on outside stressors. Also aids in improving your level of self-love and appreciation, allowing you to be more grateful and less harsh a personal critic.

This workshop is offered on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Please contact Baba Yaga’s Hut for more information or visit our website for our Calendar of Events to find a class or workshop that fits your needs and schedule.

Workshop – $30ea. 

Tarot and Oracle CardReading:

Are you ready for a glimpse into your future?! Tarot is one of the oldest art forms in the spiritual realm, having been used since the 15th century to gaze beyond the veil of the conscious mind to reveal hints and clues about our lives, our past experiences, and our possible future. Much like common playing cards, the tarot deck is comprised of four suits, Pentacles (diamonds), Cups or Chalices (hearts), Swords (spades) and Wands/Staves (clubs). Each suit has ten ‘pip’ cards and also 4 face (court) cards; Knights, Kings, Queens, and Pages.

Tarot or Oracle Card Reading: $30 per; approx. 45 minutes in length.

In addition to these four suits, there are 21 Major Arcana cards that represent common themes in the human experience: thing such as Death, Justice, Innocence, Change, etc… When combined to form a standard Tarot deck, these cards provide a great tool for glimpsing into the future. Similar to tarot cards, I also read Oracle cards. These cards usually come as a set of 25 that offer Universal Themes and ideas upon which to form a vision of the desired outcome. The readings are slightly different but have the same result, to provide the queer to (customer) with knowledge that will aid them in making smart decisions about their lives.

Times available every day except Sunday. Please call Baba Yaga’s Hut for more details or to book your reading now!