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Rebirth and Creation

Rebirth and Creation

Greetings, Sacred Tribe! I hope this Full Strawberry Moon is sharing its mysteries with you as you read this post. While you may not be able to see Her due to the rain, She is up there, pouring blessings on you even now. Take a moment to sit in silence, breathe, and close your eyes. Imagine viewing the Moon in a clear and starlit sky, and tune in to the healing and Magick of this energy. Allow Her radiance to envelope you and be at peace.

I wanted to take a moment to update you on my journey and share some info that might be of interest. I apologize for the length of this update, but if you will bear with me, it will all make sense in a bit. As you may be aware, I closed my retail space at the end of 2018. Having experienced and series of relocations, I was unable to gain the type of traction necessary to maintain a steady client base and realize a profit. Following the closing, I took a social media sabbatical and pulled into the Earth element, allowing myself to rest in the arms of the Mother and heal, examining the path that I had walked and the lessons I had learned along the way.

Let me back up a bit. In October, 2018, almost one year to the day from opening my physical space, I took a much needed vacation with my adored husband and went to Alaska. It was breathtaking, the last real unspoiled place on the Earth, and I inhaled the scent of brisk air, found joy in birds and trees and salmon swimming upstream toward their death as well. Somehow this didn’t fill me with sadness, but peace, knowing they were called, from before time was, to swim, spawn, and die as guided by Nature. No deep thoughts, no agendas, no worries or cares for their demise; just innate purpose and unity in their design.

We were gone for nine days and, during that time, I completely separated myself from all aspects of the business, social media, and journey at large to rest, hit the reset button, and enjoy some time with my beloved Todd. I felt relaxed, healthy, centered, and happy. And I broke free of the patterns that I had created over the previous year. But then we came home and it was ‘business as usual’.

That’s when the walls came crashing in! I realized that, because of being forced out of my original location by the Twp. due to zoning regulations, I had been living in a state of PANIC for a year. The lack of financial success, or even viability, was not the hard part, though. It was the fact that I was still ultimately 100% sure that I had been called to create a sacred community. That was the confusing part. Had I misinterpreted the messages from Spirit that I had been given? Had I been living in a state of delusion and/or denial? Was I having some sort of midlife crisis? Holy sh*t!

The panic was all too real; the depression overwhelming. Ironically, the branding was working, awareness was growing, our events were being well received, and I had my best month on record in December; yet, the journey seemed to be over. I had to find a ‘real’ job, and FAST! Yet, still with certainty in my Gods, I prepared for the Wheel to turn. I experienced Death as Samhain came and went, and looked forward to the birth of the Sun, when I could also be reborn. And, at the Winter Solstice, we gathered for the last time at my 3rd retail location to worship. I vowed then that I would not allow this death to break me, but to make me stronger. I drew on my talents and knowledge to provide a paycheck and I reflected on the lessons that I was too panic blind to see. It was a joyful and sacred experience of community building, giving and receiving, and LOVE!!!!

And so I stepped away. I took the time I needed to heal, to reconnect with my base, my foundation. When your shit hits the fan, you have to go back to the basics! And, then it happened. I found clarity, focus, my mojo again! I realized that I was not called by God/Goddess to create a retail space, I was called to create a community. This journey can still continue aside from my ability to make a living!

‘Okay, maybe I’ve hit on something’, I thought. So I reached out from the Darkness of my own morass and scheduled the first event of the Spring/Summer season. Beltane, the Union of the God and Goddess. It was amazing as the Tribe came together to worship, dance in the May, and create community again. I was embraced by the God and Goddess, my brothers and sisters, and healed more deeply. I am beyond blessed!!!

Of course, all that retail stuff had to go somewhere and it’s new location is my garage. Not the most beautiful craft space but close enough in proximity that it has nudged me, inspired me to reinvent the process, and get back to creating and teaching Magick and community, what I was REALLY called to do. And I am blessed again that the energies of the Wheel have worked in my favor. I am happy, my feet are placed firmly within the Earth again and I am rooted, creating just in time for the Summer Solstice and all the blessings that it has to offer. Loving this Solar Fire, the transformational element of courage, strength, passion, and rebirth!

If you have made it this far into my letter, you are my Tribe! I have infinite love for you and hope you will continue to be part of my journey and my life. You have no idea how sacred and special you are to me!

Check our newly improved PRODUCT INFO section. We have added Buy Buttons directly to the screen to make it much more fun and user-friendly. Here’s a pic of some new products that will be available July 1st. And, stay tuned to the page for upcoming kits, Flash sales, and, as always, more events presented by Baba Yaga’s Hut!!! Love and Light!!!

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