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Today’s Healing with the Angels card is Study. The angels and spirits are here to let you know that the time is ripe for you to read, listen and learn. As we work toward honoring our truth through spirituality, we need to open ourselves to new knowledge, thoughts, and experiences. By being present and observing, we learn stillness and much more about how to interact within the balance and rhythm of the Universe. If you are feeling guided to take a class, now is the time to embrace that new learning. Also, if you are already pursuing an education, the angels tell you to continue.

Study is the act of listening, reading, or otherwise exposing oneself to information and theories that were not previously learned and adding that knowledge or experience to one’s bank of information. As we learn, we evolve from our prior state of ‘ignorance’ to a state of ‘being enlightened’ to this new information. When we are actively pursuing avenues for study, we open ourselves to the process of evolution and enlightenment. Basically, once you KNOW, you can’t un-KNOW what Spirit has in store for you. It is just a matter of continuing this process throughout our growth that allows that divine energy to find fertile soil in which to land.

While it is tempting when learning new things to want to put them into practice, the guides are telling you to wait. As with all things, there is a cycle to the process. Learning is first, followed by duplicating the practices that we have learned, then adding to that knowledge and practice with ideas and inspirations of our own, creating what is an individual way in which to honor the Gods, angels, and spirit guides. This allows for 100% buy-in to our process as well as having the faith that trusting our intuition and talents will be supported wholly by the Divine.

Today, may you take the time to explore new avenues of learning! 

Magickal Tools

The Magic of Flags, Blowing Intentions in the Wind

The Magic of Flags, Blowing Intentions in the Wind

Flags have been used to represent all kinds of ideas through the ages, they have represented who we are, our claims on property, unity of a group of people, sending messages, and even prayers on the wind.  The first flags were used for military purposes to help troops coordinate and later on ships used them to send messages about the ships alliances and other information.  National flags provide a symbol for people to rally behind and a point of pride for the people. Many flags were created to represent religions. Flags provide inspiration as the element of air blows over them making them dance with their message in the wind.

Tibetan Prayer Flags are colorful flags strung together or hung as long banners, with Indian Sutras printed on them.  The colors represent the elements because the achievement of health and harmony are the result of finding balance between the elements.  Symbols for transforming bad fortune into good fortune, Buddhist teachings and Mantras of the great Buddhist Bodhisattvas are among the symbolism included on these prayer flags. Mantras and prayers for the good fortune, health and longevity of the person who hangs the flags are often included as well.  These colorful flags can be seen all over India, it is believed that the prayers and mantras are blown on the wind to fill the area with uplifting positive energy. 

In home and garden centers everywhere we see garden flags meant to be hung outdoors as decor and often convey positive messages in addition to beautiful images. When hung with blessing intentions, these flags can also be used to bring positive energy into your area and positive vibes to your home, garden, and family.  The idea is that flags are very sensitive to the slightest movement of wind (just try taking a good photo of one LOL) as wind passes over the images and messages on the flags the air becomes blessed and empowered by the images and words and those blessings fill the immediate area and ripple out into the world.

Today, may you take the time to say a few blessings when you see the Stars and Bars. Think about the many people who will see this as a symbol of freedom and send intentions that secure that freedom, and to continue to pray for a country where we can express, celebrate, do and be exactly what we are, each one children of the Gods and Goddesses and capable of Magick beyond our imagination! Blessings to you on this special day!!!

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Teacher/God/Goddess of the Day



Whether I live or die I am Osiris,

I enter in and reappear through you,

I decay in you, I grow in you,

I fall down in you, I fall upon my side.

The gods are living in me for I live and grow in the

corn that sustains the Honoured Ones. I cover the earth,

whether I live or die I am Barley, I am not destroyed.

I have entered the Order (Ma’at), I rely upon the Order,

I become the Master of the Order, I emerge in the Order,

I make my form distinct . . .


“Ma’at” has two meanings in the ancient Egyptian language. Ma’at is first the goddess of justice and truth, who gave meaning to the world and bestowed order upon the chaos of creation in the First Times. She governs the movement of the stars, the rising and setting of the sun, the inundation and retreat of the Nile, and the laws underlying all of nature. In the Judgement Hall of the Tuat, the heart of the deceased is weighed against Ma’at’s feather, which represents truth. If the heart is found to be free from the weight of sin, the deceased joins the company of the gods; otherwise, the soul is devoured and destroyed. Thus Ma’at is the standard by which we are measured.

From this role in the Judgement Hall arose the interpretation of “ma’at” as a systemized spiritual ideal. The order she represents was apparent everywhere in the world around her faithful worshippers. It was observed in the orderly motion and interaction of the heavenly bodies and reflected in the natural laws at work on the earth. It was deemed necessary to act in accordance with universal law and to understand one’s place in the natural order to ensure the soul’s position among the stars above.

Ma’at is the underlying current that connects all things in an intricately woven network. Each nexus is the balance of the lines of force that pass through it. It was considered essential to live according to the principles of balance and justice so as not to disturb the very fabric of creation. The ultimate will of the gods is that order is to prevail.

Each pharaoh on his or her coronation day would proclaim that ma’at was restored by this ascension to the throne. The priests of every temple in Egypt would offer a representation of Ma’at to the presiding god in the temple’s shrine each evening, to symbolize their conviction that the day’s work of worship and guidance was in accord with the universal order. Ma’at is the reason that things are, and the means by which they continue to exist. It is the voice of divine imperative that at once reigns over this world and promises just reward in the next.

We hear echoes of this voice resounding through the philosophical and metaphysical constructs of all times and nations: the Christian prayer, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”; the Muslim concept of “shari’a”, or submission to the will of god; the familiar edict of Western occultism, “as above, so below”; and scores of other observations on the interaction of the divine and the earthly.

What is most striking about the systemization of ma’at is that it found root in such ancient soil. The Egyptian culture was epochs ahead of its contemporaries, and its wisdom embodied concepts that the rest of the world would have to wait centuries to cultivate.

It is clear from archaeological evidence that the goddess Ma’at was worshipped in Egypt from the earliest dynasties to well beyond the Greek and Roman invasions. It is clear from the depth and sophistication of the Egyptian culture, and the richness of the dreams that it inspires in us, that the philosophical maat persisted and flourished as well.


*This information was originally provided in part by Wikipedia.

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My name is Maria ‘Peacock’ Barrett and I am a WITCH! I was raised in an atypical family where I was encouraged by example to stretch my boundaries and embrace nature, as well as other cultures and traditions from around the globe. Although my parents were raised as Protestants, I was exposed as a child to alternative ideas ranging from Taoism and Buddhism to transcendental meditation and tarot card reading. As I got older, we occasionally attended a Unitarian Universalist church. I was also exposed in limited doses to Catholicism, Judaism, and a cult called The Way. None of these seemed to fit.

As an adult, the idea of Paganism was introduced to me by a friend. I was immediately drawn to it and its focus on Nature and the interconnection between mankind and the Divine. I was also moved by its astonishing honesty and atmosphere of non-judgment, of trust and love. Since 1989, I have never looked back or regretted my decision to place my feet on this path.

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